PAT Testing

Lacey Electrical Contractors provide PAT Testing services for many of its clients.

Seaward Supernova PAT TesterWe use the Seaward Supernova PAT Tester.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a process by which portable electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety.

PAT testing reduce the risk of electrical shock by detecting potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur.

The Irish Regulations S.I No.328 of 2005, S.I No.299 of 2007 state that every employer is required to periodically test all portable electrical appliances at the workplace to ensure that the equipment is in safe condition to be used by the employees, customers or the public who may come into contact with those appliances.

Portable Electrical Appliance- is electrical appliances which can be moved from one place to another e.g. electric kettle, toaster, printer, computer, coffee machine, extension leads etc.