Emergency Lighting

Emergency LightingCode of Practice for Emergency Lighting – IS 3217 2008

Emergency lighting is provided for use when the supply to the normal lighting fails and is therefore powered from a source independent of that supplying the normal lighting.

Managerial Responsibilities

A functional test shall be carried out quarterly for 30 mins and a 3hr test carried out annually, this is to verify that the backup power lasts the desired length of time (3hrs).

A periodic test certificate shall be provided on completion of the full test.

A Log book shall be available on the Premises in the care of a responsible person and should be readily available for examination by any duly authorised authority.

Lacey Electrical employees are trained to Fetac Level 6 for Emergency Lighting Systems Commissioning.

Lacey Electrical provide a complete Emergency lighting maintenance package for our clients including the setting up of a log book.